how much it worth!?

hey guys im getting ready to sell my 05 crf150 and i was wondering how much i should ask i was thinkin around 2500 or 3k? i have outgrown and getting a crf250r over 2 grand in mods and parts look in my garage and tell me what you think very clean and well taken care of! thanks!

i think that would b about fair price.

ok thanks.. anyone els?

good luck gettin that much.

the used bike market sucks. resale doesnt exsist unless it says harley davidson on it.

you lose 1K off of a brand new bike the minute it leaves the dealer.

personally i wouldnt give you over 1700. and thats pushin it.

sorry bro buy thats the market. its a nice bike. but its near impossiable to get your money back.

thats why you never upgrade little bikes. only put money into the ones that are big enough to last a while.

try your best t0o sell it local. then you prolly get 2K

he modded it and it still looks like its in great condition, i bet he could get away with 2500

aftermarket parts dont help much.

if i were you.

i would put as much priginal stuff as i could (minus big bore) and part it out

you could get more selling the bike, and then selling th hop ups at competative prices on ebay or locally.

I say 2500 is fair... Hell, ive got my bike in the local trader for 2900...:excuseme:

yea that is a little much

my bet would be 1500-1900

buuut thats just me

i would say go for more.....i can easily get 2800 out of my '05...and al it has is a BBR pipe and rev-box

You guys are too funny. I paid $2900 for my new 06 CRF230 in May. At the dealer. They un-crated it and built right off the truck from Japan while I watched and waited. Honda promotional offer. They have them aaaaaaaaall the time just some dealers don't tell you and they pocket the dough. My sons CRF50 was $899 and my wifes CRf100 was $1600. All way blow MSRP. That number is for suckers.

But, there is one born every minute so 3K.

i think i can get 2500-3000 for it.. but thanks!

i think i can get 2500-3000 for it.. but thanks!

Yea round here, '06's are typicly $3,500+ new.

I have been trying to get 2700$ for my 2 month old 230 with no luck...

Good luck.

For a bike like that you just have to find the right person that will see how much of a diffrence those mods make.

so true

Good Luck... I picked up a 03 crf150 very nice shape for 1200 bucks... I also picked up an 03 crf230 with bad rings for 1500 bucks,

Those are my kind of deals...

I had a hard time getting over 3000 for my crf150 with 188 kit all bbr stuff and cr85 forks and works shocks...

So good luck getting 2500-3000 out of it... but you never know... some people are suckers:-)

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