1/8 sputtering? i am crying for help

I know this is an old thread, but i felt like a had to commend "lavoie du christ" for his efforts in finding this problem. It read like you went through some real pain. I am going through the same problem and was amazed on how much our stories compare.

I too have a 03 wr450 with the same problem. After rejetting ,dynoing and asking "backyard experts", I can now get back to the bike after 2 weeks of it being in the "too hard basket" and fix the 1/8 throttle surge. Again thanks for your persistance.

I will report back :thumbsup::ride::applause:

I have this same problem. Did it work for you?


Simple.. disconnect your TPS and check if your bike runs better.

If not, i guess you have to play with your jetting and make sure you dont have an air leak somewhere.

i had the same problem on my 03 450 and it turned out to be my hot start o ring in the carb i replaced the hole thing and ran grate after that

Well I have checked the TPS and it tests fine. The problem is still there - with or without the TPS connected. I guess I will check the Hot Start O-Ring, next. This is absolutely the worst POS I have ever owned. Simple jetting to who knows what. I have spent over a month, bought a JD kit and $260 and 2 weeks at the dealer. Still not resolved. I think it is getting worse not better.

I feel like going back to red.... :thumbsup:

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