Why does this happen?

well ive had my bike for awhile now but only really rode it in the dry so today i wake up and its hammering down with rain and i think lets go:

while i was out my bike was really under performing as id increase the throttle it seemed to just die out pure spluttering or it would just cut out i couldnt figure the prob out untill i got home and started to jet wash the dirty thing and i noticed that while i was reving it to keep the engine from getting soaking it was startin to splutter again so i stopped the jet washer and reved it abit more within 20 secs it was bk to normal i then jet washed all by my air filter ( which i might add faces forward 2 the front wheel) and reved and it would splutter like mad again

anyone know how i can stop water and tha getting in?

or can i turn my filter around? so it fast backwards?

my air filter is pritty much the same as this apart from its just flat no slight cone on it


thx for the help

Your joking, right? That's like sticking a garden hose in your auto's air breather. Combustion engines don't do very well trying to burn water. Try taking a zip-lock bag and sliding it over the intake, then put a rubber band on it to help keep out the moisture. Keep the hose OFF THE INTAKE! Avoid water around the intake at all costs. Yes, even riding in the rain. Hope this helps in the future.

sucking in water wich is not flammable so no good

i thought you were joking at first lol

yer keep it out of water unless u can make an airbox somehow then u can ride in light rain

ummm ya... riding a open air filtered bike in the rain is not the greatest idea... it runs like that because its telling you to put it away....


You might want to look into getting a 10 or 12 position addapter plate.Dr atv has them cheap.It will let you turn your filter in any direction to help keep it dry.

Go out and buy a foam airfilter, My stock airfilter was like that and after being in tall wet grass in a field it would bog out because of the water in the carb, but now with the foam one its fine, water doesnt get in. Also when you come to wash it, I put a plastic bag with rubber bands around the airfilter to keep it dry. (dont try starting it with the bag still on, it will just cover your airfilter in petrol :excuseme: That would be kool though if you could run them on water :bonk:


Unbelievable :excuseme:

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