Rim size and offset ??

Thinking about Supermoto rims.

It has to be on a budget, so they will be new rims on my hubs.

What width front and rear is normal, I am thinking 3 inch for the front and 41/4 on the rear.

Also is there a standard offset (or dish) for the rear that will allow the use of a 160 tyre

without problems with hitting anything, i.e. chain or swing-arm.

I only have a few days to make my mind up as my rear tyre is on it last legs.

I have found a local firm that can offer a same day service, which is good as my DRZ is

my only transport at the moment.

This means if I get the tyres and a rear sprocket I can ride the bike there, wait around all day and ride an SM home.

Just need to loose some weight a bit smartly so I can "wear" my new tyres on the way :bonk:

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Neil, do a quick search, but I'm virtually positive that a 4.5" rear has no issues, that is with a 5mm off set away from the chain. That is how Eddie set mine up, and I have ZERO clearance issues.

I'm in Cali right now visiting my 87 year old ailing father, so I can't "run out to the garage" and look at my tire size, I'm fairly sure mine's a 160.


My bike came stock with;

Front: 120/70R17 Dunlop D208 Sportmax on 3.50" x 17" wheel

Rear: 140/70R17 Dunlop D208 Sportmax on 4.50" x 17" wheel

I don't know what the offset is but the rear chain to tire clearance is about 16mm or so.

with a 4.25 rim the right edge needs to be even with the brake rotor mounting surface.

some 160's are really wide and will contact the cahin no matter what off set.

i suggest a 150.

Thanks for the replys so far people.

Eddie does the same apply if a go with a 41/2 inch rim, or is it the 160 tyre that is the problem ??

It is just that I am more limited with tyre choice with a 150 tyre.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

I got caught up in the bidding fever :bonk::p

Just how much will someone pay for a set of SM wheels.:busted:

I bid these up to £815.00, and gave up :lame::lame:

That is $1482.00 :moon::eek::bonk:

I shall have one last try tomorrow to find a reasonable price for new rims on my hubs, and if it doesn't happen, it's new tyres on my wheels.

And that will be the end of it (for this year) I'm :bonk:

Neil. :excuseme::p:p

Neil, don't give up,

Check Ebay item #'s 260001693514, 130001244795, or 160002088894 !!!! :excuseme::bonk:

Thanks Brian, I'm watching those ones as well.

It just looks like it's going to cost more than I want (afford) to pay.

I have to say the Distanzia's have been very good, and last well.

I'm not sure just what I'm going to get out of this, the only thing I must have is better brakes.

And that I can do for a lot less money.

Because the little off road I do is not very demanding, I have no fears of using a 320 mm disc with the 21 inch rim, just need to be a little careful in the wet.

For the winter I could still go back to my 280 mm EBC.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

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