2007 Yamaha line-up ... big yawn

there is a lot of pressure placed on a company to be the first to introduce EFI, because any faults in engineering could mean major disaster :

people we already have EFI in europe!!!! gasgas fse 450, and it goes like stink and has had no probs wat so ever...

personally i want to pick up a white 07 yzf in a yr or 2 when efi has come out and prices are cheaper.....gerr its always a money thing!!

yeah, and you also had the Cannodale with EFI sev years ago. Theres a reason that there has been a delay with it. I bet there are still some bugs in the system, whether mapping or what.

There arent any problems with EFI! There are plenty of maps to run. No manufacturer wants to spend the extra change to install it and raise the retail price, some of you are already complaining about a 100 buck price difference between the 06 & 07. Big deal, I just took my family to eat at a mediocre restaraunt and it cost 84.00 without the tip. Whiners. Their dilemna might be the batteries or E start but EFI and durability have been successful for years in bikes, jet ski's, snowmobiles, outboards, tractors, cars and trucks. I think nobody wants their model 300-500 dollars more than the competition. Gas went up more than a buck, shouldnt they be able to recoup some of their costs. Was your raise last year more than a 100 dollar one?

according to one of the bike mags(with pics) they showed at the japanese nationals that quite a few of the big 4 already had and were racing models with fuel injection instead of carbs.. i think we are gonna see it in the next year or so.

Funny, I thought that the new WRs were a big thing. I think Yamaha raised the bar for off the show roor floor performance for an offroad bike.

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