Fuel Screw Recomendation

Hi. Is there a certain brand fuel screw everyone runs. Any suggests? Thanks.

Get one with a knob or T handle on it. :excuseme:

They're mostly all the same, although if they come with a new spring, washer, and O-ring, that's a nice touch.

I have a MSR in the 426 and the T-handle type in the 250F. The MSR is the way to go, I think its the same as the zip-tie brand.


i got this one from storm because:

1 - it has numbers on it so you can keep track of the number of turns in/out you make

2 - it has notches machined in it which make it easier to grip and turn with your fingertips (since the fuel screw is designed to be tight and not turn too easily)

www.rockmountainatv.com You can get one that is numbered for $9.99. Can't beat that price!!

White Brothers makes one, it is made out of brass like the pilot screw and not aluminum like other brands. I have had no problem with it backing out at all, I know others with the aluminum ones and they back out or fall out a lot.

I just purchased one here at the TT store and have had no problems at all. It's much like the $10 one at Rocky Mountain. If I had found that one beforehand, I'd probably have gone the less expensive route.

I have a ZipTy... so far so good.

that one at rocky mountain looks just like the one from storm, but less

I have the Tusk fuel screw from Rocky Mountain and it works great. It has a o-ring mounted on the shaft to prevent it from accidentally backing out.

I like the Storm Racing screw. Has numbers, easy to twist w/ the thumb notches...and it comes in blue! :ride:

I bought the GYTR screw for like $13.

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