Dual Sport

What is the best kit out there right now and can I see some pics of your dual sports?

I have a Baja Designs on my bike, check out my garage for pics.

Seems to work pretty good. The ground wire did come off of one of the rear turn signals, but nothing that a quick solder job couldn't fix.

i have the dakar electrex dual sport kit and it is the most comprehensive kit out right now, it has all the basics plus an ignition switch w/ key. However, i did get a bad regulator with mine but it was an older version of the kit since i bought it from DennisKirk, they have since updated the kit and fixed the problem. Do a search about dual sport or the dakar kit to find additional opinions and their website. :excuseme:

I have the Baja Designs kit on my XR400. (sorry no pics.) and had one on a XR600 also. Easy instructions and good support.

it has all the basics plus an ignition switch w/ key.

That's one thing I'd like to get for my bike sometime.

I dont have a pic, but I just got my Trick Dual sport kit. Pricey, but very solidly built. Easy to install (Basically strap it on and solder in rear taillights).

Rear lights dont come with the kit, but that allows you flexibility to get the kind you want. I got some teardrop shaped ones that are big enough to see (really bright!), but wont get ripped off in a crash. I wouldnt be able to stand having stalk blinkers.

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