LED tail

I want a LED taillight for my DR350. Ive tried the bulbs in the normal socket and wasnt impressed. Im looking for something like the DRZ's have. But it has to be "dual filament" if you know what I mean. It needs to function as a tail light and a brake light.

I really dont want to spend over $50. So what are you guys suggestions?

fourstrokesonly.com has a great one. I think it is just about 50 bucks. I believe it is made by K & S and is available in red or clear.

Is it stamped with D.O.T ?? I hate it when they don't tell you those details (on various websites...)

Anyone ordered from fourstrokesonly ? I tried to order a seat foam from them, and they never answered the phone :excuseme:

yes it is DOT approved

I tried the UFO . It went out after a year or so. Some one let me know if you find one with a better track record.

I like the look of the BD LED tail light but I dont think its DOT and in 14 months on my Husky I've burned through 3 of them, it may be I was using AC (which BD says is OK), my bike is all DC now and so far I have not burned up another one yet.

try acerbis. I am running a $30 one from them (not DOT) that has been holding up great so far. They do sell a DOT version for a littlr more $$

If you run an LED light on AC it's best to put a diode in series. Most LED's do not have a high enough inverse voltage rating to hold up to 12 -15 VAC. They may work for awhile but eventually are likely to fail.

I have not had much luck with the 1157 type LED's. Not bright enough!


Stock Bulb Brake on


LED Brake on


Same here, I bought one and was pretty disapointed.

My friend has a dual sported XR400 with an LED tail light kit. Inmy opinion it's not nearly bright enough. Riding on the street is dangerous enough even with a bright tail light.

Did I once see a brake light kit that fastens to the back of your helmet? The more visible you are on the road, the better, for sure.

Try customdynamics.com and their 1.85" tail light. I think it's brighter than the stock tail light on my DR650 and draws less current too. But, being a kind of belt and suspenders guy and regularly commuting into downtown Denver on it in the dark, I also got the Electrical Connection (electricalconnection.com) LEDs which fit in my turn signals. These function as additional running and brake lights. I also went with clear lenses and colored bulbs to get max brightness - and still use less of that precious electricity (precious 'cause when I commute in the winter I use the heated hand grips and an electric vest).

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