03 crf 450 decel popping

My bike feels really good and strong, but when I am ripping around the block I notice that it pops a lot when decelerating. It is coming from the exhaust end I know that much. I didn't think it was a big deal but someone mentioned that it could be a lean condition. I also noticed that the pipe will get glowing red hot if I let the bike idle on the stand to warm up. All this leads me to believe the bike may be a bit lean. The plug looked good when I checked it, but I would rather be safe. The bike is stock with a WB E-series slip on. Would the fuel screw take care of this or should I throw in a bigger main?

You are either lean or have a header leak.

I have the E-series WB pipe and I took the plates out of it so it pretty much flows straight through. Could that be the problem? I don't really care for the WB unit and I am thinking about putting the stock pipe back on.

By a header leak I mean it is either not seated good at the head or it is cracked somewhere. You may need to look very closely.

I know what you mean by a header leak, I am just trying to look for other possibilities.

The glowing headpipe is normal. The popping is normal. If it's excessive, richen the fuel screw 1/2 turn and see if it goes away. Don't get all excited and worried about the headpipe leaking, most of the time it's just normal decel pop. Nothing to get excited about. A little is normal.

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