So I just installed a battery tender...

If you didn’t know you were working with a simple electronic device, those instructions would make you think you were about to handle land mines. Every other word was danger or explosion. -- Watch out for this or explosion. Do it in this order or explosion. Don’t touch that or explosion. Face North by Northwest or explosion. It's crazy...the instructions actually made me a little nervous during the install.

Have any of you guys ever had a battery explode on you or even know someone who has?

Only when thrown in fire! :excuseme:

Only when thrown in fire! :excuseme:

Gotta be a story or 2 behind that!!

Only when thrown in fire! :excuseme:

Was the batt still in the bike :bonk:

I recently nearly freaked when I saw a guy at a petrol Station trying to jump start / charge his scooter battery from a TRUCK -

Nobody was taking any interest so I went over and told him what I thought - his battery was HOT to touch....he promptly stopped his lunacy!

So, those warnings are there for complete idiots like that AND to lessen/diminish any blame should the manufacturer need it....[someone negligent - what NO Warnings your honour!!]

Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine.

As Battery Chargers go, I personally like the Optimate III (UK company) specially made charger / tender for Bikes. I am about to do a trip to Old Blighty and will pick one up. About 35GDP or 50US. BTW, There is a US dealer. :excuseme:

Batteries give off hydrogen gas when charging, hence all the warnings........

I didnt read my directions when installing the battery tender on my R1. :excuseme:

Batteries give off hydrogen gas when charging, hence all the warnings........

Too many GD blood sucking lawyers, hence all the warnings........

I've seen car batteries explode. The older one that were not sealed.

The hydrogen gas is very explosive. After one has been on charge for awhile, (not with a tender but a full blown charger) they'll give off vapors. Pull the charger lead when plugged in you get an arc, right in the vapor cloud.

Had a fried doing this with a car. It made a big thump like noise and he had a chance to turn his head away. Covered him with acid. No physical injury other than light skin rash but you should have seen his clothing and jacket after a bit. Hundreds of holes.

I don't think its as common with newer batteries but I wouldn't want to test it too much.

It is possible to blow up a gel pack battery such as the one in the WR. You would have to be fairly stupid to make it happen. The explosion would probably take the crown jewels off but I don't consider that a bad thing since someone that dumb shouldn't be breding anyway. :excuseme:

Matty 05 my first thought was to throw in the fire. you beat me to the punch cheers.

Was jump starting a tractor battery once, the jumper sparked at the post and blew the top off the battery. Luckily for me it was at chest level and I was not leaning over it, and the battery was dry which probably caused the explosion but no acid shower as a result. Put the fear of god into me regarding the jump starting of batteries. :excuseme: Sometimes it pays to be lucky, but it always pays to be smart. By the way, it sounded like a twelve gauge going of in my face and my ears rang for an hour.

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