Kickstarter install tips

Well I just got my kick starter kit today for my s and was wondering if there is anything I should worry about, make sure to do, or anything.

I read through the guide that one person made but I remember reading somewhere else that there where things that the intructions and the guide dont mention.

I just would hate to mess something up by intalling something I probly wont ever use. Thanks.

You may have already saw this but its about all you need.

oddly enough I still managed to fu** mine up. Make sure when you slide the entire assembled shaft into the case that the stopper on the gear is properly oriented with the stopper thats bolted to the case.

Properly oriented would be so that the stopper on the gear is in front of the stopper on the case (going clockwise).

This may sound confusing but you will se what I mean when you install it.

Thanks for the response. So just to be sure you put the gear on so that it is sitting to the left of the case stopper so that when turned clockwise it contacts almost immediately?

And another thing, I read you have to pre tension the kickstart spring, but it dosnt say in the intructions or guide, do I have to pre tension a turn or do I just put the end of it in the case and call it good?

When you have the mechanism installed so the ratchet is disengaged by the stop bolted to the case (you will see) that is the positive stop position. Then you just wind the spring to fit in the case hole. Takes longer to say it than do it. It was so intrinsically obvious (sic) that Suzuki for got to tell you. Then you reinstall the retainer plate over the idler gear the same way it came off. If upside down it rubs the back of the clutch,

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