Tires for DR rims

Looking to get new tires, would like to order some online. I heard that the tires need to match the rim type, i.e. tubeless tire/tubeless rim and tube tire/tube rim. Is this the case? Was looking at the TKC80's, will they work?


2001 DR650

I havn't done it, but people run the Metzler Tourance with a tube. It is listed as a tubeless tire, if I remember correctly.

Yes, you can run the TKC-80's with a tube. I've also run the tourance, actually have one on my bike right now with no problems.

I just changed to 18" Excel rim and glad I did. The money I'll save on all the 18" rear tires I have, and have access to, will more than make up for the price of the work to have it done( about 4 17" tires). I have a 4.00 trials tire (Swallow tire)which more closely matches the overall diameter of a new 17" tire. The bike seems to sit a little higher, still handles well on the street although may be biased forward on the tubes ( I'll solve this by using the lower setting on the rear linkage, thanks Suzuki), it seems that I'm getting closer to the edge of the knobs of the trials tire sooner than the stock tire, I'm still running the stock front tire

BTW I need instructions on lowering the linkage

seems abit geared higher on the highway( which I may solve with the next gear/chain change), handles about the same on dirt, still does hill climbs about the same, maybe a little more slidey side hilling. I had a rim lock installed with stainless spokes. I wanted to get away from the annoying inner rim bead on the 17" rim so I can change tubes on the trail.

I'm about a 2 3/4 position on the axle adjusters, and I think the tire would rub the swing arm if I had to adjust to all the way in. I don't know If I could fit a full 5.10/5.30 knobby right now or not. I'm just happy using it around town and freeway like a big scooter

Hey Rodger,

Specifically, what Excel rim and spokes did you use when you went 18".

I would like to go that route before my next tire change.

I do have the DR service manual. I'm pretty sure it has the lower directions in it.

I'll take a look tonight.

make: Takasago model: Excel

I had it done at a shop so I don't know what make of spokes/nipples just that they are heavier than stock ktm/suzuki spokes and made of stainless steel. I asked for heavy duty everything. Looking forward to the lowering info, Rodger

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