My brothers crash at GNCC Wisp race

here is my brother 2nd turn 200cc B class got a flat on 2nd lap and droped out 20th place finish



this one is me 301+ 4 stroke B class finish 4th place



it was one brutal race. This was my first GNCC race, and I have only raced two HS's before that, never ridden anything like it before. So much mud and rock!!!!!

wow...that sucks...looks like it was a pretty bad crash...nice pic of u tho

Oh my God man, that must have hurt quite a bit

man talk about a pumpkinfest

Major mudnap!

What a mess.

Good finish bro.

Look at all of the spectators faces, thats funny... To bad for the crash though.

What in the hell happened?

geez...mud AND rocks? thats gotta hurt

Your brother will do anything for attention. Wont he? :excuseme:

He was entertaining as you can tell from the peoples faces. :bonk:

:bonk::busted: whata crash... looked liked a mud bath :excuseme:

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