water in engine. Help.

On my last trip, I landed too deep in a puddle and water got sucked into my engine :excuseme: . I flushed it out a couple of times with new oil, but the oil still comes out milky. Does any one have any hints on how to clean out the engine without having to tear everything apart?

Is it improving?

Keep flushing it with new oil. Buy the cheap stuff and only run it for a minute or so. After it begins to look good, let it run long enough to heat up well to cause any water to boil out and then change it one last time.

Make sure to flush out the carb bowl and etc. also.

This is the one time when 99c/quart oil might come in handy. Go ahead and get a case...or two.

It's improving, but it won't kick start. When I was on the trails, I was able to bump start it ( after I flushed it a couple of times) and it ran for a minute, but stalled out.

Check the valves.... That sounds like they are closing up?

I have a freind that uses diesel to flush out the bottom end and crank cases to help get the water out. You should get some opinions from other TTer's out there before trying this. Also, if you hydrauliced the valves they are probably out of spec now. Good luck.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem. After totally cleaning out the carb (the thing is immacualte now) and making sure the engine is spotlessly clean, the problem was the noise supressor in the spark plug cap. There wasn't enough spark going through the cap. The thing runs better than ever now.

glad to hear that crf450rd. I have a quick ?. If I land in a stream and the bike is completely submerged but gets to dry land, is it safe to start it up?

Not if you suspect it may have sucked water....the only safe way is if you shut it off before it got under.....

I would do a thorough check before starting it. I looked through the sight glass on mine and noticed that it was milky looking, so I didn't start it. Besides, I couldn't even kick it if I tried.

I had my buddies run to a nearby campground and buy a couple of bottles of oil and we gave it a good cleaning on the trail (we saved the used oil by the way and I took it back to recycle it).

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