Suzuki payout ?

Has anyone received their card for 06 yet? If so, have they paid to the account?? Just curious. I have received nothing yet!! :excuseme:



no kids hes talking about Suzuki contingency. i have earned so much contingency money that i have never gotten its ridiculous. good luck with getting it.

I've never owned a Suzuki, so I can't tell you about that. I never had problems when I got Kawasaki contingency...they would send you a nice little gift certificate type check.

I got mine last week, and money was on it.

how do you qualify for thier contingency program?

Its easy. Buy a new Suzuki attend races that they are paying money at, you can find out by going to their website and looking it up. Finish in the top 5 or whatever they are paying back to (also on the Suzuki website) fill out a form which they will have at the race and in 4-6 weeks you'll receive a card with $$ debits on it.

How much have you guys got in the past?

Got 4000.00 last year. they owe me 1650.00 now. 250A

I got mine last week, and money was on it.

They tell me they want be using Ecount any longer so what kind of card was it? Visa? Will it swipe anywhere?

Thanks, Randall

It is not a visa. But I do have a pin number so I can take withdraws from an ATM. I can use it at any Suzuki authorized dealer or most ATMs.

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