Ebay Question!

i have a fairly nice 05 kx250f that im gonna try and sell on ebay but im haveing trouble deciding what i should put the starting bid at....im gonna try and get at least 3500 to make a pretty good down payment on a new bike...what should i start the bid at?

My technique with Ebay is to decide beforehand on the maximum price I would be willing to pay for an item or minimum I would take for one I am selling. When I buy I don't bid until that last 10 seconds of the auction. When I sell I use that price as my starting bid amount. On the other hand, if you are not willing to take less than say $3200 you might be better off with a low starting bid and use a reserve instead. Good Luck...

You may want to look at completed sales also, bikes generally don't sell for that much on Ebay. You have to understand the buyer's side when selling on ebay, they are buying something sight unseen and like you or me, they are not going to pay top dollar for it when they have no idea what they are getting. Ebay is pretty much a site to sell when you've have exhausted all other avenues.

Yah sell it locally where people can see it first, then if its nice you'll get more money.

You'll get hassled on ebay for sure, then ahve to ship the bike out. Its not worth it I dont think...

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