Disappointed with TrailTech Endurance

Just a few views I thought I'd share.

Well I've been anxiously awaiting for my Endurance to arrive to finally complete street converting my E.

I got it today and I'm a little disappointed. I did some research before I bought ( i guess not enough) and the Endurance was by far the most common computer used. I figured if it has hundreds of positive reviews that was good enough for me. I should have read more fine print though.

The reasons I don't particularly like it are,

the lack of 12v power. Right on the box it says EL lamp equipped for night vision. I assumed that meant 12v power with a continously lit led for night riding. What actually happens is you press on the light switch and it kind of looks like a Timex indiglo watch and stays on for a mere 3-4 seconds. I do a fair amount of night riding and this is not satisfactory.

For the most part this unit is just a beefed up bicycle computer with an upgraded cable, and it has several functions that will never be used.

It's obviously not the units problem but with the comsumer (ME) probably not fully knowing what I was buying. I was definitly expecting more for the cost I pd. I always do a ton of research before I make any purchase especially an online one, and today i let myself down. I can get a very similar bicycle computer locally for 20-40 bucks.

I will be returning the Endurance and getting something more appropriate.

Any ideas?? Thanks for listening....


Those are well known and documented issues and the reason those particular units have fallen out of favor.

Trailtech does make some killer lighting systems though :excuseme:

There is no question it is a bicycle computer made by Panoram. Jeff of Trail Tech has never made a secret of that. Jeff developed the ruggedized cable and had Panoram change some of the internal functions (increment and decrement trip) and put the Trail Tech name on it. Price seems reasonable to me. The cable system is about 1/3 the cost. You used to be able to buy Panoram at Wall Mart but then you had to make your own cable and mount. Jeff, as many know has developed a more motorcycle specific unit. As for external power, well not all motorcycles have 12V DC E start. Would not be much good on a dirt bike with no battery if it was not self powered. I know you can spend a lot more and get more but I don't think you will get much for less. Sure I know you can buy a bicycle computer for $20. Cheeper but not the answer for me. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I like the Trail Tech.

I paid $20 more and got the Lynx from Trail Tech. It has 12v power.

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