Damaged fork leg / slider

So I was riding up an extremely rocky hill, and wrecked. My bike was on top of a mound of rocks and the fork tube / slider was scratched.


The scratches are relatively deep, not at all smooth, and a slight bit of fork oil has escaped. Is there anyway to save the fork leg? Maybe smooth it out somehow or will it have to be replaced?


You could fill it in with nail polish and rub the excess off with a VERY fine abrasive (ex: light scothbrite pad).

i think you can use fine sand paper

i think you can use fine sand paper

You can but then you will rough up the finish on the stantions. Scotchbrite isn't tough enough to do that. It will just make the nail polish flush with the rest of the stantion.

Thanks, I will give the Scotchbrite a try...

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