Bent Axle???

Since crashing my bike twice one of which was pretty nasty and i had to bail off the bike i thought my handle bars were bent. By the position of my handle bars when going straight it seems like i should be going slightly to the right. But after looking at it more it seems that my triple clamp is slightly aimed to the right too in the same fashion that the handlebars are while heading in a straight line so i'm thinking that they're not bent and are aligned with eachother. What do you guys think the problem is. Bent front axle?? :excuseme::bonk:

fork tubes twisted in the triple clamps?

Check the rubber inserts of your top triple clamp. They get tweaked and need to be removed, rotated, or swapped to get the bars straight again. Hope this helps :excuseme:

yeah, check what these guys said. The axel is going to be a lot tougher to bend then these

the axle is almost impossible to bent and the fork tubes don't twist in the triple clamps, the inner fork tube twists inside the outer fork tube. take off your bar pad and have a good look at your bars where they connect to the bar mounts and line that up horizontal with the triple clamps, make sure they are both parallel to each other. if not the bar mount moved slightly in the rubber mount. just take it apart then put it back together and it will be straight if the bar mount bolt isn't bent. when your bars are off take a real close look to see if they are bent or not, that could be your problem too. once you re-assemble everything and it still isn't aligned kick your front wheel into the direction you want it to twist so everything is straight.

i did the same... crashed and ended up tweaking my bar mounts... you might get away with just taking them apart then putting them back together.

Ok i'll give it a try tomorrow, thanks

Just one more question, if the bars were bent wouldn't my triple clamp be heading straight and not to the right while traveling in a straight line? It would be the bars only???

if the bars were to bend the front end would tweak and the bar mounts would most likely move too.

Your whole front end is probably twisted. The easiest way is to take the front end complete apart and put it back together. The top tubes are problem twisted in the clamps. The upper clamp will hold them there so loosen it and re torque that also. :excuseme:

Most times when I crash, the front end gets twisted. Lossen the front axle bolt, the 4 bolts clamping the front axle, the 8 bolts on the upper and lower triple claps. Then retighten. This fixes the most common problem. The second problem is that the rubber in the handlebar mounts gets twisted. Lossen the handlebar mount bolts underneath the upper triple clamp, give your handlebars a shake and retighten. This should also help. The third problem is that the bolt on the handlebar mounts bend very easy on the Honda. I have bent these many times. I usually end up just riding with crooked handlebars or you can replace this part. Some people know how to straighten these.

Its a common problem after a crash and the front end hits. As everyone else said, its the forks alignment. Just loosen the pinch bolts and straighten it up. If you take of the front wheel and drop the fork tubes out then reinstall them it will be straight. Also take out the bar mounts and check to make sure they are not bent, just a tiny bent on them will make the bars off. And they bend all the time unless you have an aftermarket top clamp.

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