building jumps

what causes a jump to kick back end up in the air and make front end nose dive

Are you talking about the jump or your bike. Sounds like to much rebound in the rear.

Or chopping the throttle as you leave the lip.

its got to be the jump theres only one on our track that causes this and it does it to everybody

rocks, or anything i guess just figure out how to get ova it or rebuild it

lean back more than..keep the throttle on all the way through the entire lip

lean back more than..keep the throttle on all the way through the entire lip

Right on.IF you cut the throttle off half way up the lip it will always want to nose dive.Keep it pinned till you are over the lip and you should be fine.

also, make sure that your lip is a least one bike length long. This helps launch the bike in a better trajectory. IF the jump isn't a bike length long, pin it. hang on.

I think you are right not long enough

What causes the front end to dive on a jump lip is when the top of the lip gets chopped or dug out. Causes your reboud to send you flying over the front of the bike. Make the top smoother and make sure the transistion is the same all the way up, no sudden changes at the top. Holes at the very base of a jump can cause that as well.

Does it have a "kicker" in it?? A little rut that forms and gets deeper until its almost like a litte curb. Thus when you hit it it "kicks" the rear tire causing the bike to dive forward...

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