Crossover HELP needed ASAP please

Basically I've been totally screwed over by and now it's become an emergency. :bonk: Will post the whole story later when I have a minute.

Is there anything that can crossover for a 2005 DRZ front hub or entire wheel assembly?

I found the part # (54111-29E00) on the following match exactly:

2001-2005 DRZ250

97-99 DR350

97-99 DR350SE

but can't seem to find the part available new OEM for any of these.

Or can you recmend a salvage yard that might have one?

Or any way to modify another assembly to fit well on my 2005 DRZ250?

Help please :excuseme: thanks

I emailed you. Contact me ASAP. :excuseme:

Oops! Sorry I just noticed my typo (so I may go cheap). I meant to type "it may go cheap". I couldn't figure out why you thought it belonged to me until I went back to check my post.

I think it is listed by one of those outfits that parts out bikes. Send a message to them through ebay and tell them you want to make a deal now. You might get lucky.

Sorry for the miscommunication.

Good luck!

Thanks again hawncase.

I've been emailing the ebay guy and he hasn't responded. When I saw your post I was so excited.

It's strange as the ebay post originally indicated it was a 1992 DRZ, so the first email I sent asked some Q's, now it shows 2002 DRZ which I beleive is correct.

I've never purchased thru ebay, if it says no reseve does that mean it will go to the highest bidder? Does the highest current bid show anywhere? I think it does I'm just a dork and can't see it on other items.

I figured it out.

You figured it out I see. Yeah, no reserve means whatever is the highest bid, that's what it goes for versas a reserve price which means if the bidding does not reach that point, then it does not sell.

Keep your eye on it. It's likely to get bid up near the end, so if you are really into it, make an appointment to be near a computer with a fast connection so you can put in a higher bid at the last minute if need be. Otherwise, just type in your highest bid and ebay will automatically insert your bid for you if someone raises the current high bid. That will work only so long as someone does not out bid your highest price you set. You may want to do both.

Have you got a paypal account? If not, you might want to set that up now so it may be active by the time this auction ends. Look into it. Some sellers will only accept paypal. Just check the ebay listing and this outfit takes personal checks and money orders so you don't have to hurry and get paypal, but it helps if you start buying more stuff.

Good luck with that!

I got it and a backup coil for $90 OTD! :ride: I'll be riding yellow mellow again soon. :ride:

I bid on a bunch of other small backup parts 2 too but they went higher than I was willing to spend.

I borrowed a buddies KDX last weekend, really helps me appreciate my thumper.

Thanks again for the assistance.

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