Ouch - I Have Internal Bleeding

Massey ONTARIO (June 25th 2006)

INTERNAL BLEEDING?..what is it?...well thats self explanatory, better question is how do you know you have it? Ask Andrew he can tell you. His answer would fall along the lines of. "Well for starters you land a jump and then have an outa control junkie jam into you, then you continue on the path at about 60km/h towards the ground. As you get hurled off your steed your bars decide to give you a kiss on your side. Not the kind that your GF gives you to say goodnight, no no the kinda that makes you say HOLY ****! Then you hit your head as you follow through towards the ground and smash your head on the ground only to get dizzy thanks to your $500 SHOEI helmet and top notch mouth guard. (not to mention the after math of the realization you chipped the paint off your custom helmet)

Now for the fun part. Walking off the track towards the truck you feel light headed, sore, bruised, and concussed. You get there to realize that your bladder feels large like you drank a dozen bottles of water (I had) so you stumble to the bathroom (or as I call it a place that smells like the devil got in the fight with a fesses farm). Unzip your pants and whip it out and start to pee, look up and aww that feels….gooooooodd..no….no wait a sec, it feels weird! Light headedness renders you speechless and the feeling of fear strikes as you look down into the formerly white bowl (in the mens washroom) to see a pool of blood, yes that’s correct, more blood then urine”

That pretty much describes how Andrew would describe how you know if you have internal bleeding, and also pretty accurately describes why there isn’t much of a race report here. Follow up the pissing with an ambulance ride from Massey to Espanola, then 1hour of saline through IV, a 1hour ambulance ride to Sudbury and a Cat Scan later, followed by a transfer back to Espanola to be told you haven’t ruptured anything but have severe kidney contusions and told that you cant do ANY form of physical activity for 4-6 weeks! What does this all equate to you ask?...a really accurate depiction of the weekend in Massey from the view point of out web-site administration team.

As for race points… ummm I really cant tell you, all I can say is I was doing amazingly well and apparently someone else wanted to take that away from me by colliding with my beautiful steed, only to leave an exhaust packed full of mud, ripped grips and that’s about it. Ohh and I forgot to mention the other guy. Well put it this way I got the better end of the deal. His left ankle if going to need pins, and screws, his wrist was jammed, and his right shoulder was EXTREMELY dislocated and had a fractured collar, and when I saw him in the back of the ambulance with me on our transfer to Sudbury, lets just say the morphine was doing a number on him, and he was in for an extended stay in Sudbury.

Welp.. thats all for now folks

DAMN!! Isn't it always the way that its never really your fault when you have a huge stack and your bike gets wrecked. Get well mate!

That sucks for you, but aside from yhe injuries, how did the bike run? You were having jetting issues weren't you? I was afraid when I saw this thread that you were going to say the bike burped on the face because of the prior bad jetting issue and you took a 70 foot ghost ride in thin air? Did you finally get the issues taken care of?

Hope you get to feeling better man.

OWENLO :excuseme:

Hey guys thats for the wishes... i am coming along well.. sore as anything and sad that i need 4-6 of rest. I am crossing my fingers that if i lay extremely low for 2 weeks i can race July 8-9th a dbl header locally.. but i dont wanna puch my luck..

Well man as for my jetting issues, we went back to stock and Voila 100X better, i still have the boyensen and the JD kit, just running stock with the 42 pilot at the moment and the 40 leak jt. BUT!!! now that i am in unable to ride i will be working on the bike for a while to get it spot on. and YESM!! intensem1rider and i both took the advice and have ordered a 45 pilot.. but i will keey you posted on the jetting issues, never really had this kinda issues before so if we clean the carb as step 1 then do the jetting to James D's specs and still have issues i dono man :excuseme:

but as for the bike.. well its in good shape, took the mud outa the exhaust and had it started up right after, need new grips, but my asv levers were champions they took a hard rash....and as for the other guy.. eesh i heard his phemur (spelling?..) is messed up too.. poor guy.

anyone else ever had I-bleeding?

OK so today is a Canadian holiday, and a Saturday i may add. Everything is closed and the weather is medeoker. No beach in other words.. so it hought id give some slow trail riding a try, but not before i try and see how i feel on the bike in the back yard. so i did ONE yes..only ONE lap in the back and OUCH too much pain.. still cant even ride leasurly..this sux :ride:

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