xtreme cr2 125 engine upgrades

What is the biggest most powerful bolt on kit for this motor

i'd call guy cooper and ask him, its his little baby ya know :excuseme:


I live in oklahoma and not very far from stillwater and know Guy somewhat. I also have an xtreme cr2. i've asked this question myself to him in person and the response i got was one of his camshafts. He said it gives what feels like 1 hp. No he doesn't have dyno tests to prove it, but its about the best "bolt on" he has in reliability and performance. i don't remember the name of the camshaft, but i do know it ran around $160. Its a pretty expensive cam, but you can also swap you cylinder for $45 and buy a bigger piston, hes got a pretty good selection to choose from i think 4 or 5 different piston. Pretty much any mod you do on these you are gonna have to go to the shop.

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