red barron axo slammers

does anybody no where to get them and are they out yet

you should be able to get them directly from Red Baron, just give them a call and ask.

u dont even need to call...pick ur size and add to ur baron has an online store, they ship fast too, i just bought stuff from them last week and they have good service :excuseme:

thanks for the link

why are they calling them 'RB AXO Slammer Boot' they look the same as the normal axo slammer (which i have), they just chucking their name on it like everyone else does in the mini world?

they are the same as the axo's just with rb on them

they are the same as the axo's just with rb on them

lol :excuseme:

Is around 130.00 - 150.00 aussie buck good price to pay for a pair of slammers?


That's like 30 bucks more than regular slammers!For the print alone!? Well it's not for me. Maybe the diehard Red Baron fan

went ahead a got some from red barron

I ordered some too! I hear that they are the riding boots from hell.

Busted Knuckle words of wisdom from Jimmy 2 hunts: "You guys better get rid of them tenny runners and get some leather lace up boots before you get hurt."

:excuseme: for spending $40 to get RB print on your boots

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