06 TE 510 No Start after 300 miles

After sitting for 2 weeks with the petcock ON, I cold chocked it and it fired right up. I shut off the chock and let it run for about 4 minutes and as I was about to get on it JUST STALLED LIKE IT WAS SHUT OFF. repeatedly tryed to start but just 2 small minor firing sounds - no start - so I checked the fuel tank 1/2 full, and recapped it, I moved the petcock to reserve and removed the carb bottom bolt until gas flowed out, no strart, then removed the head and checked the valves for sticking and OK, checked valve clearance - exhaust both at .006 and intakes at .004 & .006. so reassembled and No Start. Any ideas before I take back to the dealer :excuseme:

Change the plug and try again.

Sounds like the pilot jet might be clogged up with gas varnish. Drop the bowl again, make sure all the little holes and the main hole through the center is clear.

if you still have the emissions stuff on your bike,take the gas cap off and try to start the bike now.we have experienced a few check valve problems.dan

you are correct !!!

needle was stuck to seat, dealer cleaned it up and now OK.

maybe related to 10 % ethanol in mobil premium gas ?

dealer suggested running bike EVERY week to supply fresh gas in the carb :ride:

Riding every week sounds good to me.

If that isn't practical then maybe stabil would help. Or maybe a JD jet kit?


maybe related to 10 % ethanol in mobil premium gas ?

I have used the ethanol blend in everything I own for as long as it's been available, in my truck, cars, mowers and bikes, and have never had any problems... even when storing over the winter. Just put Stabil in it, and all is well.

I know in some areas, there is a lot of negative press about ethanol, but I for one haven't had any bad experience with it, nor has anyone I know. I'll keep using it.


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