Is the TTR 250 for me?

Long story short. I have a YZ250F that I just sold because it was too hard to ride it with my 2 small kids. They both just started and this bike was way too much.

I want a less powerful trail bike that's dependable. I've been riding my whole life and I weight about 190. What bike is right for me? I have a chance to buy a 2002 TTR250P, but i'm not sure if it will hold me and i've never seen it yet. Do you think this is the right bike for me? Should I go to a 400?

You won't be disappointed with the 250....great all-around bike.

Like you I have been riding most of my life and have had race bikes before. The TTR250 would be a good choice for riding with your kids you may need to stop alot and the e-start will help a lot there.

If this will be the only bike you have and the riding is wide open you may want the 400. If it is more technical the TTR250 uncorked will work great also. Just keep in mind that since your coming from a race bike you will have to make an adjustment in your expectation for performance.

I had made up my mind that I was going from race bike to trail bikes and I picked up a new TTR250 in 03'. I ride desert only and the bike is a great trail bike stay on top of every gear and you can really move. But after 3 years I had to have an option for more power so I picked up an XR400 with both bikes I am now totally happy.

I weigh 210 (220 during bad weeks) and my TTR250 has always carried me along perfectly. I've always gone as fast as I want and felt like I have plenty of power (and torque) in reserve. The powerband is also very smooth and pretty wide. I do a lot of fairly technical trail riding, and it's nice to know I can lug my bike all the way down in tight stuff at low speed and not have to worry about it stalling. Plus, electric start! I don't think I could ever go back to kick start.

I've heard other people in the 200+ pound range mention that the suspension is a little soft, but I have yet to experience this. I may not be pushing the bike enough. Hopefully I won't run into that problem, since there aren't many aftermarket suspension options for the TTR250.

In terms of mechanical reliability, I can't say enough about the TTR. I ran mine headlight-deep into a mud puddle and drowned it, but then was able to dry it out about an hour later and fire it up. After I cleaned the carb, it ran like brand new.

The only real knocks on this bike are:

1. Poor aftermarket support in some areas

2. Heavy, although you can lose some weight with a new pipe

3. Retrictive airflow and lean jetting (many threads on this forum for fixing it)

I check on craigslist pretty often, and you don't see a lot of these on there. If you do find one, though, I'd say buy it.

I love mine! Soft seat, good suspension, plenty of power. A great all around bike, but not going to water your eyes or wheelie at the twist of the throttle.

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