Upgrades for a TW200

I know its not popular buy any means but Id like to know if I have some upgrade options. How practical is it to bore it out a little bit? Also does anybody know of any stock exhuast systems for them? Is there anyway possible of adding a 6th gear? Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Ive got another question, is it possible to change out the 5th gear with a different gear to it up to higher speeds.

Couldnt you just change the sprockets? Would be alot cheaper than a tranny mod.

Yeah, but I dont want to loose the torque.

Yeah, but I dont want to loose the torque.

wow that has torque? :ride:

No offense, but i dont really think it would be worth to upgrade the bike. I think you should just start saving for an upgrade. Just a suggestion.

actually i have a perfect mod that will get you more speed, and not sacrifice any torque.

its called a YZ450

...and they aren't called "stock" exhaust systems. They are called "aftermarket".

How much are tires for that thing?

my friend had one when i was a kid i learned to ride on that bike.i rember we once had a foot of snow and we rode all over with me on the back.i would like to get one for winter .they're great in snow and thats another reason not to get a quad.it does not snow enough in nyc area to get a snowmobile

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