Any info on Sherco 2.5i ???

Any info or pics would be appreciated!!! Searched and searched and nothing :bonk::busted::excuseme:

Hmmm... Google "Sherco 2.5i" with Google Images and you should get plenty...

Or, search the Exotics threads on this forum:

If not, lots of 4.5i pics are available...not the same I know but:

Scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM and clivk for hi-res pics at all angles...

Poke around the Sherco USA website too, there are some videos and technical specs there as well.

The 2.5i's are supposed to be in the US in 2007...along with the 5.1i's...

Thanks for the info. I have seen one at my local HS Series (4.5i) . They look awesome, and the rider seems to not have any problems with them. :excuseme:

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