hotcams clearance problem. Pics.

The intake cam sprocket is rubbing on the cam chain guide that bolts on top with the cam journals. these picks are hard to see but here you go anyway.

here's another one.

This is at least the second time this has been an issue.

Personally I would turn (or grind) the back of the sprocket to get some clearance.

I would not modify the chain guide.

Just go easy on it, it only needs to clear the chain guide, not miss it by a mile.

Do a search and see what the advice was last time.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

EDIT: Just incase your search is down look here.

A quick trip to the lathe will solve it- or return to Hot Cams to correct or replace.

Yup, that looks familiar :excuseme: I'm not sure which is the better route but I simply clearanced the guide with my Dremel . I didn't take off that much material really , just kinda rounded the corner . I don't believe I had to remove enough to cause any durability issues . I did contact Hotcams and they were more than willing to clearance the cam if I wasn't up to the challenge . I just found the guide to be an easier fix for me .

Personally I just took a bit off the guide myself - 300 hours and no problems with it.

Ya I just took a bit off the quide. Pretty chincy for a top name part though.

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