Best RMZ Bar

I had just picked up my new RMZ 250, took it out to the track, and had my worse wipe out to date. Luckily I only ended up bending my bars so am in the market for new ones. Any opinions on what the best brand of bar is to get. Im 15 and 5 8 if that makes a difference in what size. I also ride my bike a lot at least 15 hours a week so i should probably get a bar that isn't prone to bending easily. I also race C class. Thanks for the input

I am 15 and when I wreck(which is rarely) I wreck hard. So I have the renthal fatbar. No cross bar so it looks nice. About $80. Then 40 for the new bigger clamps. They wont bend so its totally worth it.

Is there another bar that is strong but doesnt require you to change the clamps?

pro taper s/e is decent and fits the stock clamp..

but to run a 1 1/8" bar its cheap...the new 1 1/8" bar clamp run around 40$...the renthal twinwall is PIIIMP...kid tested, mother approved

Does anyone know what size the stock bar is?

seven eighths... 7/8"...the over sized is 1 1/8"

I meant what the width, height, and sweep were.

The 7/8" will bend. The fat bar is stronger and then the clamps are stronger too. I would go with that

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