Which air filter?

I was wondering what kind of ir filter you guys are running in your kxf's. How does the Twin air filter stack up?

Also is the twin air powerflow kit worth it?

Thanks :excuseme:

power flow kit is a waste of money..

Im running a UniFilter-Rush.. I have 2 rush filter and a enduro filter, the rush filters are good for motocross, but they bit thin for the type of dust we have over here in aust, some of it is like silt and unless u have a good filter it just kills the bike.

We had an enduro here 2 weeks ago, and its took 8 engines down, 3 dusted, rest just couldnt handle the deep sand. the dusted ones were 4 strokes n the rest were 125's n 85's.

no-toil air filter works awsome

i have the twin air but i dont have the powerflow just a regular filter and its great almost any filter but a stock filter is good i dont like the stock at all

uni filter rush. i love them. hight maintence tho. on a sandy track i will change it probably every race after practice.

i run the reedy pre-oiled filters. they work great. i clean them 2-3 times mayb. then ditch it and get a new one for 10$ its a hell of a deal. im not really sure if theye are any real differances between all the foam filters. i think they are all basiacally the same. excluding some like the enduro's and whatnot. you should just go with whats available to you. and dont get the powerflow kit. from what i understand its pretty much a backfire screen eliminater....that costs200$

uni filter rush. i love them. hight maintence tho. on a sandy track i will change it probably every race after practice.


twin air with w/e type of filter i buy that week lol..right now im running FTP or some crap lol..but twin air is awsome!

my buddy runs the twin air with out the screen and he says he notices a diffrence but i run the ready filter and it works fine.

Twin Air's have held up the best for us. Leave the intake screen in, there's nothing to be gained by removing it.

whats wrong with stock?

i'm gonna buy a UNI tho

whats wrong with stock?

i'm gonna buy a UNI tho

just be sure you don't use no-toil if you're using a uni filter... the oil/and or cleaner eats away the glue on those

i would highly recommend twin air ! i use motorex filter oil. No toil is only good for the track because if you use the bike offroad and it gets wet, the water will take the notoil off of the filter. Uni is decent, as are WB filters.

what about K&N filters? anyone run them?

what about K&N filters? anyone run them?

I have heard that K&N filters are a no-no for off-road motorcycle use.

i just keep washing the stock filter since it's got a good construct it lasts and the filter may be more restricting than others but it gives good filtering whcih is what it's supposed to do. Find power from somewhere else IMO on a motocross bike. Maybe on a street bike an induction kit is a good way to increase power, but the idea is to keep as much dirt out as possible to make sure the top ends last as long as possbile on the new 250F's.

Not to let more dirt in and wreck the valves etc. :ride:

thanks guys for the help, i just ordered two twin airs so hopefully all goes well :ride:

I sitll don't see how this can work, the Twin Air theroy is that there filters give better performance by increasing ariflow yet filters dirt better than stock? Weird. Anyone explain?

I've always used Twin Airs also. Not because of performance or filtering, but because the Stock ones usually tear and degrade quickly.

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