cr125 speed wobble problem. please help

Whenever I go into 4th gear and start to get goin my front end starts to speed wobble like no other. I have tried different tire pressures and that doesnt seem to be it. It is also all stock so that might be it. If you can give me some ideas of why this is happening that would be appreciated.

is your front tire toast? do you need to replace it? you might also want to check your forks, are the seals bad, are they leaking? what type of terrain are you on? that could also be onother thing. also, check your head bolt torque, and the bearings

I know my CR125 does that too right about 4th gear the front will wobble and you can't do anything I've done everything from the spokes to tire pressure and it's the worst when it's on pavement it wobbles even more.

i have a steering damper on my bike so my bike is fine

honda cr"s are known for that if you can lower your forks about 2mm in the triple clamps it will help

just sit back a little farther and ride a wheelie...should solve ur idk how to fix ur problem, sorry.

Set your sag properly, if at 95mm race sag, and the spring is correct for your weight if the bike still wobbles, you can try giving it a little more sag. If that does not correct the problem, try stiffening the fork by adding some more compression damping, after playing with the settings, if the problem is still there, you may have to go with a heavir fork oil, or even perhaps a spring change. Make sure your forks are slid all the way down in your triple clamps,you want the forks to be as "long" as you can get them, this will help stabilize the front end at higher speeds, but will also make the bike steer slower. You have to find the suspension settings which make you and your bike happy with each other, and it is found through testing, testing, and more testing! and just when you think you are done, test some more!!! It is a very lengthy and rewarding process! I find the best tool for this job is your factory manual, you have to start somewhere and your manual will put you in the right direction!!! Don't rely on a freind to help you with this job, this is something you need to learn for yourself!

simple way to reduce/solve this prob is to tighten up the steering nut the correct amount. I'm referring to the nut under the triple clamps which is on top of the vertical axel. Set your bike up so you can turn your handlebars the full way without interference, then tighten this nut until a gentle push of the handlebars only moves the bars a little bit, you shouldn't be able to

move the bars all to full lock. Hope this helps

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