Kidney Belt

hey guys. im having a serious problem, i just bought an MSR kidney belt but the problem is the thing is SO freaking un-comfortable!!! every time i wear it i have the bottom of it juat above the crack of my ass, btu by the tiem the moto is over the thing is up to my ****ing belly button! :bonk: any advice to wear i sould have it placed adn how tight? :excuseme: ive run out of ideas

What I do is tuck it into my pants but over the jersey (not completely under the jersey like some people do). This will help it stay down some.

I also wear mine not tight but not loose by all means.

Also start with the belt alittle lower than you like because it will creep up some during a moto, but it should not creep up enough to bother you if you got it on right.

now that you mention it, i do have it afuly tight thanks for the help :excuseme:

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