Difference between XR600 and XR650L forks?

I have a 650L, and want to improve the forks. I do not want to go through the effort of putting CR forks on though. Anyway, are the 600 forks different/better? If so, will the internals swap from one to the other?

Brian Price

Bend, Oregon


Why not get the stock forks revalved, with correct springs for your weight?

That is probably what I will do, but I have heard that the 600 forks have better internals. So, if I am going to revalve I would probably try to get the 600 setup and revalve those.


I am fairly certain that the 600 and 650L have the same front forks. They may have different spring rates, but the guts should be the same otherwise.

They are very close to the same. Not exactly, but more or less the same. It would not be worth the effort to swap.

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