Anyone try Warp 9 wheels?

I was thumbing through my Rocky Mountain catalog and saw these in there... $90 front or rear for a wheel! I wonder if the quality is anything even close to other wheels on the market given the low price...

That's so crazy, I was going to ask the same question! I'm anxious to hear as well...

Anyone? I may have to pioneer these after I balance the budget within the next month.

The rims are 89.95, not the wheels, they cost 349.99. My buddy has a rear wheel and has problems keeping the spokes tight. I mean he has to tighten spokes between every moto and every ride.

Did he just use his stock spokes, or did he purchase the new spoke set as well?

I like the name of those rims "WARP 9" I guess if they bend right away you cant sue them for false advertising :ride: If you get a set, watch out cause there is lots of knock offs floating around that are complete junk. Personally I would just spend a few extra bucks and get an Excel or Pro Wheel.

He bought a complete wheel

Sounds like I'll be going w/ Excel. I'll just have to save a few more pennies.

I bough a rear 19" for my 426 from them. I have not had a chance to use it yet, though. Spokes are high quality as rated by my local shop who mounted the tire. Hope my disc doesn't "explode!" I am a hack though, who just rides trails pretty slow, so maybe not the best judge anyway.

^^let us know how it turns out.

I just bought one this spring for a spare. I mainly ride or race desert with some motox. It has been great so far. Its been atleast as good as my stock wheel. I haven't raced with it this year but I have been riding the national desert courses and ride out by Little Sahara Sand Dunes. I typically run the Expert class when I race so I'm not easy on rims but this seems to be holding up just fine. It was killer for the price!

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