Cleaning the Silencer

My STOCK silencer on my RM250 is full of burned oil. The packing they sell in stores is 1/3 as dense as the stock packing, so I was just wondering if it was a good idea to pour some gasoline in my silencer, cap it off, and let it sit for a while to wash all the grime out. Has anyone done this before? Would it just be better to repack the silencer? Oh yea, and obviously I would let the gas evaporate before i put the silencer back on the bike adn ran it.

I don't think you would ever get all the grim out washing it with gas.

If you don't like the aftermarket silencer packing you could buy the stock packing from the dealer it only cost like $75.00.

I would get aftermarket silencer packing and wrap it as tight as you can. That's what I do and it works fine. I like the kind that comes in a sheets so that you can just keep wrapping it around and around.

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