Suzuki OEM SM Rack

I don't think so but others might chime in on this. The only rack that I believe is an accessory from Suzuki doesn't have the plate on top of it like the one in your picture ( thank goodness ).

Just remember to pretty much double those prices to get the US dollar price, plus postage, also what suzuki lists as carbon may actually end up ad carbon effect, i bought a carbon mirror, genuine suzuki, cheap off ebay, about £1.30 plus £2 postage and it turned out to be carbon effect, this is represented however by the price of things. i.e higher the price the more likely it will be real carbon, my view is that they use these 'bling' items as deal sweetners here in the uk, so i would say if you want bling carbon fibre there are probably companies that make a whole better product. and lets face it suzukis finish sure ain't the best in the world. well rant over.


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