my pig at 9000ft

up on top of Donner ski ranch last weekend


Donner lake view


Nice pics...... :bonk: great view... :excuseme:

I tried to flag you guys down....I live on Soda Springs road and you went by the house twice. I ride that whole area every weekend. How did your big run at that elevation? Just curious on how you set up the jetting. I just got a BRP and still setting it up for the elavation. If I am not mistaken the first photo is actullay the back side of Royal Gorge with Snow mountain in background.

Johnny, how's it looking for the 1000 this year.

yep ,you got the pics right.we played around on the donner mountain, and got over to boreal ,then turned around and came back down donner.where on soda springs are you?we tried to go soda springs past serine lakes and we go turned around about half way to robinson flat(big ass tree).I have a 175 main, and she runs great to about 6000, then she starts loading up a bit,not too bad,just no 3rd gear roll-on's.we're going to do a train tunnel run in a week or two, so we'll have to swing by.I'll shoot you a P.M............john, .......and she's only a tribute bike :excuseme:

Cool Let me know....I have some great runs I show you thru that area.

It must be drying up finally. I was up for Labor day and could not get very far. I tried to go up McKinney.

Big rocks + snow+ being too short to touch the ground was not as fun as it could have been.

Cool. High flyin' pigs! :ride:

About two weeks ago in CO on the TransAm Trail, headin' west...


NICE SHOTS.... I have 01 XR650R, love it.


Psshh...I start at 10,500 and ride to 14,300. Beat that, then talk to me.

Kidding! Nice shots!

How do you get to these riding areas? Thanks

Blue rock PMme and I can tell you

Sitting at my desk, seeing those photos, Im ruined for the rest of the day. that looks like a good time, lucky!

Flying at +12,000 feet:


Hey nut, nice pig. Almost bought a BAJA kitted one but figured I would kill myself. Got a DRZ S instead.

Like the swingarm decal!!!!!

I'm headed up the west side of Moqsuito Pass.

I'm headed up the west side of Moqsuito Pass.

No shit??? :ride: You're kidding me....I thought that's where it was. Dude, that pic I put up was the summit. I ride up the East side all the time, and sometimes back down into Leadville and Birds Eye Gultch. :ride:

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