Are GYTR Clutch components made by Hinson???

I am waiting for a answer from Hinson - does anyone here know if Hinson OEM's the Basket, Inner hub, pressure plate and cover for GYTR?

from what ive heard hinson does make the gytr clutch parts but im not 100% certain.

GYT-R clutch componenets are Hinson parts.

I was told by Bryan at Hinson that they stopped making the GYTR clutch components some 2 years ago :bonk::excuseme:

Well, that's interesting. But, I'll tell you this:

This is either a Hinson pressure plate, or an absolute direct copy of one. Hopefully, whoever's doing them now will be making them to the same specs as before.

Agree, gray. Hinson or not, GYTR looks high quality. Though, Bryan at Hinson also said their coating is much stronger than the one GYTR parts have.

The GYTR that I have from my 05 250f, when I removed it after a season of racing, it did not even have one scratch in it. basically clean the oil off of it and you could sell it for new. And I was not nice to the clutch either. It is in the 06 now.

Well I heard back from a Manny at Hinson - he told me that "back in the day" Hinson made the Clutch components for Yamaha. But today the Hinson line and the GYTR line are completely separate and Hinson has no OEM deal to make these for GYTR. I told him they are very very similar - he said they have copied the Hinson design with a few differences. The holes on the basket are angled vs straight as in the Hinson.

Not that this is important - but I always thought that they were made by Hinson, in fact my parts guy at a local Yami dealer also said this, but this is not the case.

GYTR and Hinson are great products - according to Hinson their coatings are different. This is the patented friction thingy that Hinson sells -

anyway I just was I know :bonk:

Another tidbit: when I replaced my 03 stock clutch with the 01/02 fix (clutch plates) with the full Hinson set up, I have very little wear on my stock 03 basket/hub and pp. It was amazing after 3yrs of hard riding that the pieces look so good......tells me that if you ride it correctly and not abuse/use the clutch that these will last a long time....I am a non user/mini user of the clutch... :excuseme:

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