my 06 450f

if ye wanted a YZ, ye shouldn't have bought the WR :busted: . if yur worried about changing the head lamp, don't. my 05 is a year and a half old, same lamp. the head light is not so bad when yur in dusty trails and the guy coming from the other direction could see you or he's got a WR than you could see him :p my opinion, keep the head light.

for all you WR haters out there, the 06 YZ has 5-gears now and the bike is lighter and cheaper than the WR. so why get the WR and remove all the lights. :bonk: Hey, i'm not a YZ hater, :bonk: I have a special passion for all YAMAHA's and getin ready to put down payment on the 07 WR. :p

:p GO BIG BLUE..... :excuseme:

thats exactly how i want it

and i dont get the yz because it is RED sticker and i ride at pismo no trails for me

i was wondering when u open up the carb and u are looking at the jets... u have the pilot and main but what is the third jet? and will it do n e thing if i change it?

Stock on the 06 is

| Main #165

| Pilot #45

| Starter #65

| Leak #50

Your probably looking at the starter. The Leak Jet is in the bowl.

k thanx so if i changed the leak and starter jet would it make a difference? i already changed the pilot and tha main is gettin changed when i get my pipe.

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