98 400 runs so lean bike wont idle down?

anyone else have this problem and fixed it? or have any idea how i could fix it? it has done this since i bought it. also which of the two jets on either side of the main is the pilot??? thanks

The one directly forward of the main (toward the front of the bike) is the pilot. In all such cases, I'd advise you to check the intake valve clearance before tinkering with the jets.

well there is only the air mixture screw in front of the main. there is a small jet on the left and right and they are significantly different in design so i am stumped????

Also which way are my intake intake valves most likely to be tight or loose???

The valves would be tight if they are causing this.

After checking the manual, it looks like your carb is quite differently laid out than the later FCR. Your pilot jet is the one on the left side (of the motorcycle). With the carb off, looking at the bottom, and the intake bell at 12:00 o'clock, it's at 10:00, as nearly as I can tell. (picture's bad)

Download the manual and see for yourself;


thanks for the help i work the swing shift and this is my weekend so i wont be able to check into it till monday. i will keep ya posted thanks again

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