Which Edelbrock Needle Do I Use?

Just taken delivery of my new pumper carb but before i tear off my stocker i need a head start in terms of needle choice herers the existing setup.

My XR650R is fully uncorked with drilled airbox cover, Notoil filter and OME backfire screen. In addition I’ve got oversize headers and an aftermarket exhaust can

My pig lives at 600 ft above sea level.

I’m currently running a 185 main jet with a 68s pilot jet in the stock carb. and it runs well.

Which needle would you recommend I use to start with in the Edelbrock? I presume # 21

Many thanks in advance

With my 2002 XR650R I had an open side panel, UNI filter, no backfire screen, White Bros header, "E" series pipe with 12 discs and a Hotcams stage 1 cam. I ran a #21 needle at around 16 clicks with the accelerator pump at "full pump" (completely turned into right). Prior to the Edelbrock I was running a 185 main and 70s pilot jet. I run between sea level - 1500 feet and had to lean it out a bit at 2500 +.

Ok thats great thanks i'll try your settings and see how it goes

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