Best Exhaust for yz426???

I just picked up am 02 yz26. And I have been looking at new exhaust for it. I am sure the topic has been beat to death and I am sure that everyone will ave their own opinion on what is best. I am looking at the new White Bros E2 Silencer. Let me know what you guys are running and how you like it. Most of my riding is racing, I very rarely hit the trails. thanks a lot.

are you looking for a full system or just a muffler, whats your budget???

I will probably start with just a muffler for now and add a head pipe later. Looking between $300-$500 for muffler

well you have a good start at the WB, they are supposed to be good my friend has one but not sure how much it did for him, you may want to look at FMF or i ended up going with the PC Ti-4, which is a nice pipe. I dabled with GYTR, Jardine, Yosh and pretty much all of them, if i were to buy exhuast again the three i would consider would be either FMF PC and WB. Probably FMF or PC. IMO it seems alot of people run the FMF, but i liked the looks and sound, power of the PC so thats the route i went.

I put an FMF powercore4 on mine and really like it. Not too loud-not too quiet-just right!

My vote is for the White Brothers E-Series (Shorty) Definate Performance increase over stock, Forest approved spark arrestor + you can tune it for your riding style by adding/subtracting plates.

I had a 2001 426 and I put a Dr. D's pipe on it and I loved it (full system). Paid about $460 for it, It gave the bike great mid and top power, bottom was already great. I mostly ride desert but my brother who is a pro motocross racer rode the bike from time to time, loved the power. I recently bought a 2006 450 and the only pipe I plan on using is Dr.D's great price great install and great performance

I've had 3 exhaust. The stock system, Yosh RS-3, and a FMF Titanium system. The stock system pretty much sucks, it has good bottom end, but falls flat everywhere else. The Yoshi was really good, it made awesome power all the way thru the range, but it fell apart and the manufacture would not stand behind it. I now have the FMF, it makes the power broader and more usable than the Yosh or stocker.

I'm pretty pleased with the FMF, it looks good, performs great, and seems to be holding up very well. If I where to do it all over again, I would get another FMF.

I tried both the DR.D and the DMC Afterburner Comp 4. Just sold the DR.D. If you can handle a hard hit then the DMC is for you. I have always been a fan of the DR.D but through a friend was able to try the DMC at cost. He was using me as the test pilot before he bought one. The DMC offers in performance what the DR.D does in quality of construction.

Dr.D is a good pipe, the pipe that was raved about when the 426 was in its prime was the Thunder Alley. It is a handmade pipe within your budget, produces plenty of power throughout and it is loud so race course only use. Use it with your stock header.

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