Review - Dubach Hot Start

This is the trickest piece of machinery yet. I am in love with this mod. Somebody, I forget who, recommended this and that guy is 100 % correct.

This is a must have.


That is quite a review. Fitting for perhaps MXA!



I was hoping to see this review...where is it? :)


where can you buy them at? how much do they cost?

got any pic's?

All they show on there web site is pipes.does anyone else have them?

Gina Dubach sent me e-mailed pics. If you give me your e-mail address I will forward them.

90.00 bucks out the door. Man it is trick

Bye the way this is just my review.


Yes, the Dubach hot start is very trick. I purchased a pipe and hot start from DRD (Dubach Racing Development) ***The hot start only fits the new Keihin Carb: because of the relocated hot start location. I have a 99 and it is a different mechanism. I have talked to Gina about this and they are in the process in coming up for something for the older keihin carb.

Let me say that Gina Dubach is great to do business with. She will do what it takes to provide superior customer service. BTW she is a TT member on the YZ50F site, has her own bike. This woman knows motorcycles. I am really disappointed that the hot start doesn't work on my bike because it is such an awesome design. The lever is on the right side, replaces the back bracket on your brake lever and has a spring to automatically shut the lever. It is well thought out and designed. Hope this helps out.

thanks for the pics tom , that is very cool it's tucked out of the way and no big blue hose in the way.How much does it cost?

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