Ignition coil

I have a 2001 426 just bought it last week. I took it for a ride on wednesday for a couple of hrs and it ran excellent. The next time I took it out I was letting it warm up and it only ran for a couple of minutes and then would die. Couldn't get it running again. I got home picked up a new plug and it did the same thing ran for about 2 mins the would die. Wouldn' t start for awhile.

I got out my manual and just started to go through the electrical checks and everything was good until I got to my ignition coil. My primary mesaured in spec but my secondary is supposed to be between 9.5kohms to 14.3 kohms. I was measuring approx 22k. Could this be causing my coil to heat up and open up when it gets hot after running for a couple of minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I do know that I have read about more than a few peculiarities concerning the coil and its results. It says out of spec, buy a new one or beg a TT member for the one they have left after going to a coil/cap combo. A late model Hayabusa/R6/GSXR etc all have the cap with the coil built in and it fits well, just remember to get the electrical plugs so you can splice it into the stock wiring, it is simple, clean and probably more durable.

I'm having the same trouble with my 2001 new stick coil coming Friday.(out of a R1 bike) I will let you know if this cures my bike.I sure hope it does.I bought my coil from a fellow thumper talk guy Vetmxrider .Look him up I think he had another coil left over.

I never tested mine prior to trying the Hayabusa coil conversion that I did, however I did have problems which always caused me to change the plug. Cleaning the plug didnt work, it always required a new plug. I had just read a post recently about a fellow TTer having this problem and asked him if he would measure the continuity of a spent plug to see if something is physically damaging the plug. Havent heard the results yet. I never thought of checking the plug when I was having the problem. Once I changed to the cap/coil and did the BK/GB Mod I never had plug problems again. I attribute it to turning off the fuel and letting the bike run for a minute every time I kill the bike also. I have recently gone to a JD jetting kit and since removed the BK mod, seems fantastic so far.

I was actually measuring my coil with the spark plug boot attached. My coil is reading 11.5k which is within spec according to my manual with the boot pulled off. Could my boot be the problem? When I measure across it it comes up about 12k. Is that right for the boot. My manual doesn't say anything about that.

Yes the reading will be different with the boot on.My readings with the boot on were way off.The boot will just unscrew with a little pulling pressure.I will see Friday if the new coil will fix it.

I ended up ordering a new boot put it on no more problems. I have ordered a JD jet kit and extended fuel screw just waiting for it to get here.

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