Auto Decompressor removal!

Ok All I bit the bullet...sort of...with some down time I decided to take the head cover off Not valves but rocker assembly! and was going to remove the auto decompressor assembly! I have the manual and was wondering if the Auto decompressor is what they are calling the "Decompressor Cam" on page 8-9 or p.125 of the PDF?

What Part do I remove?

Picture 1: 1.bmp

Picture 2:2.bmp

Picture 3: 3.bmp

Where are the holes that need filling?

Thank you...I thought it would be more self-explainatory when I got into it! I guess not!


put it back together and ride it!

I'm waiting on some parts to get here by mail I thought While it was down I'd tear it apart! (I always find some thing I can do to it!) when I can't ride it!

Will everything except the timing chain Bracket be off the cam when it is finished? and all Holes beneath it be plugged? I wish I had a new cam with this one sitting in front of me! I wonder if I can scrounge up the dough! anyone have a Stage 1 they want to sell!?


The cam doesn't look that color in real life! its the Flash that makes it look multi-colored!

I searched the couches and under the car seats and scrounged the money for the HotCam Stage 1! Your right....I just need to put it together and ride it....NOW it will be better than ever! Thanks...No more need to fool with the Auto Decompressor!

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