Cold Start Button?

Do yall use the cold start button to start it fresh out of the garage?

Or do you just start it like normal without pulling the cold start?

Does it make any difference?

do you mean the choke?

if you are referring to the choke, then yes - i always use the choke on a cold start.

Yea, I always have to as well.

I think you are referencing the choke. Yes, on colder mornings I use it after blipping the throttle twice. Blipping the throttle when the bike hasn't been started in a few days is good because it squirts a stream of gasoline into the accelerator pump to ease starting. Now that summer is here, I find that I dont really need to use the choke.


I follow the yamaha ritual... Choke.. 2 twists of the throttle, kick it thru twice while holding decomp... bring up and KICK... Fires first time everytime.. :excuseme:

i never touch the throttle but always use the choke. i recently snapped my choke knob thingy and am looking for another 1. i was trying to straighten it after an incendent in a race

Mine could be running a little rich because unless it's really cold, it fires first kick when cold, no throttle or choke. It's a cracking bike for starting unless it's really hot but then the hot start button works a treat (eventually)!!!

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