My BRP is sick, HELP!!

O.K. this isn't my first post about this but it still isn't right and I don't know what to do. I am thru with the damn bike shop. I have the skills to do pretty much anything to the pig, but what I lack is enough knowledge to diagnose the problem. This is where you guys come in, PLEASE HELP.

2000 xr560r, uncorked. It started a few weeks ago, took a ride and on the way down the mountain, it seemed things weren't right. It seemed louder than it had earlier in the ride, I stopped and the bike was making a sort of hiccup as it idled. took it to the shop and the guy said it was the valves, he adjusted them. It was fine until about half way thru my next ride and basically the same thing happened, but this time there was no hiccup, it was just louder and now a ticking noise has developed. The guy at the shop said it could be carbon buildup on the valves, he also said it could be the decompression lever tripping. I tried to mess with the lever and it does not stop the ticking. But it does change the tone or intensity of the ticking somtimes. Is this it???. I took off the exhaust valve covers and cycled the engine thru with the kick start, I heard what seemed to be a spring loaded metalic ping after about every third push on the kick lever. I think this might be the ticking when the engine is running. But what and where is it?? Also it is burning oil from bad rings, will this make it tick?

One more symptom that I noticed today is that there is a loss of low end power. The engine just never seems to get comfortable in any gear. Until the revs get up a little then it seems to be fine. But low speed stuff bogs the engine down.

Sorry for the long post, if anyone can help please speak up!!!

You could try turning up yor idle- the auto decompress might be kicking in.

The down hill hiccup might be due to your float level being too low, bike's starving for fuel.

if tis burning oil past the rings, it time for a tear down anyway.

If you've got blow-by you need rings at least. Also, did this shop adjust the valves when the engine was warm?

Valve seat backing into the head, perhaps?

All of the above is the correct answer here, the valves have probably backed into the head a bit, the rings are shot and compression is low and therefore the bike is no longer "happy in any gear" becuase it cannot produce the original power as it was intended to - with worn rings and bad valves. A complete top end job is in order.

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