Thank you to all

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to all for this forum. I got my XR 650L only two weeks ago and before I even picked it up from the dealer I knew exactly what to expect and what mods I needed to do. A big thanks to BWB63 for his expertise, I am ordering my hotcam and my Mikuni pumper soon :bonk: . Another thanks goes out to Dave for his knowledge :busted: . Also I would like to thank Xr650LMartin for recommending the spitfire windshield, I love it!! :bonk:

This forum has helped me out immensely, and I never even asked a question!

I started out trying to get a WRF450, but due to the fact I cannot legally register it for highway use , I ended up with the L. All of you have helped with your comments and information. I cannot imagine having to mod my bike without all of your help :excuseme: .

Like I mentioned I have only had my bike for two weeks and I have over 500 miles on it already! Looking forward to really getting some miles once all the mods are done!

Thanks again to all


Enjoy my friend.............

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