air filter oil

Hi I'm new to tt and sort of new to motorcycle ownership. Had a xl250 and then a gpz 750 about eighteen years ago. I just got a mint xr600r 1993 and am loving it! It has been modded by the previous owner- hot cam and xr's only jetting. It also has a twin air filter. It was the only thing on the bike that was dirty. I cleaned it today but not with twin air products. I used a spray on oil rather than soaking in an oil tub. Is this ok? I think I may have used too much, it was leaking out of the air box...

I was having trouble starting after the motor was warm. It starts on first kick when cold, but I really wore my leg out after I stalled when the motor was warm. A guy at the local shop told me that cleaning the air filter my help. I rode tonight, after cleaning and oiling and it sure seemed to work.

The swingarm on the bike says "thunderhog" and it sure is! I decided to use it as my login on tt. Thanks for any help

You gotta blot that filter in a old towel until it feels like all the oil is out of the filter. Then it's ready. Too much oil means not enough air passing through it which makes for a very rich fuel mix.

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